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Basic Requirements



  • You must be able to answer yes to the following requirements
    1.    Be at least 21 years of age.
    2.    Be able to pass a criminal background check.
    3.    Be physically and emotionally able to care for a foster child.
    4.    Be willing to accept a child of any ethnicity or faith in the home.
    5.    Ensure that all household members are interested in caring for a foster child.
    6.    Ensure that all adult household members (over the age of 17 years) pass a criminal background check, receive a TB test and health screening.
    7.    Maintain a sufficient income ($6,000 yearly) to cover the family’s needs and provide for the foster child’s basic needs until you are reimbursed.
    8.    You must have a valid driving license, car insurance, and registration.
    9.    Have enough bedroom space in the home for everyone, including the foster child(ren):
    a.    Everyone in the home must sleep in a bedroom and in their own age appropriate bed.
    b.    Limit bedroom sharing to two children, including your own.
    c.    Provide each child over 4 years, including your own, to a room with a child of the same sex and within a 5 year age gap.
    10.    Be able to have an emergency caregiver and/or babysitter over the age of 21 with required fingerprint clearances and paperwork.
    11.    Be willing to have all frequent visitors fingerprinted and provide necessary documentation for the individuals.
    12.    Be able to complete the required 5 session, 30-hour Model Approach To Partnership in Parenting (M.A.P.P) class.

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